Stretch Marks Treatment in Dwarka

Stretch Marks Treatment in Dwarka

Stretch marks usually occur when the skin is stretched out due to various sudden changes like rapid weight gain or loss, puberty, or pregnancy. These marks appear like stripes and can be commonly found on the buttocks, arms, back of the knees or stomach.

When they first appear, they are bright red and then turn brownish and begin to fade into ”white”. Usually, the stretch marks are easier to remove when they’re in the early reddish  During the process of healing post-trauma or surgery sometimes we develop unsightly scars. They are of two types which are of greatest concern are the hypertrophic scar and keloids.

Treatment :


At Skin Decor, the dermaroller treatment offers a simple and cost-effective solution to stretch marks. The dermaroller works by breaking up damaged skin cells and causing the body to produce new collagen. The dermaroller won’t remove stretch marks after one or two treatments, but when the process is repeated, the dermal layers of the skin increase in thickness and the stretch gradually fade away, replaced by healthy, smooth skin.


Our Laser treatment targets the damaged skin by creating a microscopic laser column that penetrates deep into the skin. Only a fraction of the tissue is targeted.

This stretch mark and scar removal treatment promote rapid healing and skin rejuvenation. It is an extremely safe procedure but with some downtime and minimal redness which gives a sunburned appearance for a couple of weeks. The skin will exfoliate normally leaving you with glowing healthy skin.

Growth Factor Treatment

We at Skin Decor, often combine growth factor treatment with other modalities to treat stretch marks. Growth factor increases collagen synthesis and promotes faster wound healing.

Combination Treatment

At Skin Decor, we also use various combinations of treatments for removing stretch marks and scars. Considering the particular needs, skin type, age, depth of the scars and stretch marks we adopt treatments to provide the best results to our clients.