Rosacea means “rose-colored” and it is a condition that describes redness of the skin present mostly over the cheeks and nose which is usually chronic and never really fades away but is aggravated on most conditions. Factors responsible for this condition are as follows

• Hot baths, steam, or sauna.
• Certain medications for blood pressure, cortisone, prednisolone.
• Demodex mite present on the skin.
• Exposure to sunlight.
• Intake of spicy food, hot or cold beverages.
• Alcohol or beverages are rich in caffeine.
• Anxiety, anger, or emotional stress.
• Strenuous exercise.
• Extreme temperatures

Rosacea is a common yet long-lasting skin problem. The condition can be mild, with just some simple flushing and broken blood vessels Or it can worsen and become severe, with chronic redness, burning, enlarged sebaceous glands resulting in a larger nose and bigger pores, pimples, bumps and more.

Treatment :

Medical Treatment

Since Rosacea's skin tends to be more sensitive and easily irritated than that of common acne, we at Skin Decor offer several possible medical treatments for Rosacea including topical and oral medications. We also offer custom skincare routines for rosacea-prone skin with a selection ranging from face washes to makeup products suitable for such skin types.


Typically, laser therapy for rosacea requires a series of treatments to see results. People may need anywhere from two to eight treatments, which are spaced about 2-4 weeks apart.

Depending on the severity of symptoms, skin type, and other factors, people respond to laser treatment differently. Some need only a few treatments. Others may require more. We at Skin Decor are experienced and skilled in laser therapy and can tailor treatment to your specific conditions and needs giving you the best outcomes.

Medical Facials

We at Skin Decor provide the best Medi facials like fruit facial, hydra facial, etc. tailored specifically suited to the patient’s skin type and requirement. Our customized medical facials work wonders for the clients who have been taking the treatment of Rosacea.