Bridal Treatments in Dwarka
Bridal Treatments in Dwarka
Bridal Treatments in Dwarka

Bridal Treatment in Dwarka

In any wedding, the bride and the groom are always the centre of attention. Wedding day is undoubtedly the day when brides and grooms are photographed the most. And for the photographs to be perfect, everyone wishes for a naturally beautiful skin. We all have seen our sisters, best friends and other ladies as “brides-to-be” sitting for hours at a stretch in parlours having parlour wali aunty applying Haldi-Chandan face packs, or innumerable creams in the hope of getting that perfect glow and crystal clear skin for the wedding day and other ceremonies related to it. 

We all have someday cursed ourselves out of guilt for splurging thousands of bucks in these parlour treatments because their results are temporary and they often increase the Acne/Allergy/Pigmentation tendency on the face or body and thus leave permanent marks or spots if not treated on time. Irregular dietary habits and routines before marriage accompanied by improper sleep patterns add fuel to fire and the skin, especially the facial skin has to bear the load.

Now the times are changing for good. Gone are those days, when people used to consult dermatologists only for skin infections, skin biopsy, eczemas etc. Nowadays many people out there who are getting married, be it a bride or a groom are consulting dermatologists to have more advanced and near-permanent solutions to all sorts of skin and hair issues.

We at Skin Decor, offer comprehensive care and treatment to brides and grooms and also provide them with the best facial and skin treatments. For men who are losing their hair, we also offer Hair Fall Control and Hair Regrowth treatments to make them look appropriate to their age.

Spend a few seconds to read the below-mentioned benefits of the best bridal treatment in Dwarka offered by Skin Decor especially for soon-to-be brides.

Why go for Medical Treatments?
  • Minimum to no downtime
  • More efficient results
  • Long Lasting results
  • Less overall cost
  • Customised Treatments
Treatments for Brides available at Skin Decor
  • Skin Boosting Injections

The injections are an amazing way to improve and hydrate your skin for the wedding giving that shining 'glow'. These injections contain hyaluronic acid that gives a beautiful radiance due to its light-reflecting property. It helps in making your skin very hydrated that in turn helps in your makeup sitting perfectly well on your skin.  During this treatment, the skin is cleansed thoroughly and then we inject the product in tiny micro-injections after making the skin numb. In order to blend the product well, we massage the skin.

  • Laser toning with carbon peeling

This treatment helps in reducing pigmentation giving an instant glow to the skin. In this treatment, the dull pigmented areas on the skin are treated and the brighter younger skin shows up. The procedure involves cleansing the skin, targeting dark pigmented areas, post-acne pigmentation and dull spots with powerful pigment reduction laser treatment along with carbon peels being applied on the face to remove impurities.

  • Microdermabrasion and Microcurrent facials

In Diamond- tip microdermabrasion, we work on removing the dead skin, dirt and debris off the face of the brides. This treatment boosts skin repair, making the face look more lifted and firm

  • Medi - Facials

We at Skin Decor, also offer a hydrating medi-facial especially to brides who have dull skin. This helps in restoring elasticity and brightening the neck and low-neckline area.

  • Med- Spa

We at Skin Decor, believe all our brides-to-be should feel nothing short of radiant on their wedding day. We offer a customizable spa experience that helps the brides look their perfect best right from pre-wedding events to the big day, honeymoon and beyond. Medical spas can treat and help a variety of problems, such as acne, cellulite or even sun damage. Each package is created from a selection of services such as diamond polishing, laser toning, fillers and neuromodulators to provide them with some very nice touch-ups.

  • For pigmentation and sunspots

For this, we offer laser treatment to remove or lighten the appearance of pigments on the skin.

  • For acne marks

We recommend micro-exfoliation to our brides who face the issue of acne marks. In this treatment, we use black peel made from Jasmine Acid that helps in treating the acne marks.

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