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Artificial Hair Restoration

Artificial hair restoration as the name suggests is the procedure in which patches and extensions are used without any surgery to treat hair loss. Hair patch treatment is for those who do not wish to undergo a hair transplant surgery or are not a candidate for surgery due to a lack of viable donor area. We at Skin Decor, specially design the hair patches to perfectly fit the patient’s scalp giving him a completely natural look. We also make sure that these hair patches fully complement the client’s existing hair in terms of hair texture, hair color, and density. These patches are completely safe and do not cause any allergic reactions to the scalp. These hair patches are usually smaller in size as compared to the hair wigs available. These hair patches can be easily combed or styled just like natural hair. At Skin Decor, these patches and extensions are prepared and designed in such a manner that helps in giving a natural look to our clients. Also, this artificial hair restoration therapy lasts for a reasonable amount of time.