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Fat Loss and Cellulite

If you are fighting the stubborn fat and cellulite, here we are for your help.

Women are most prone to orange peel-like dimples on the skin especially on the thighs, buttocks and sometimes on the abdomen area.

We at Skin Decor have come up with the latest and 100% result oriented body contouring techniques that will help you achieve supernatural results.


Laser Treatment

With our very special 3D laser treatment we are known to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and reduce cellulite. Our 3D laser treatment works super hard to treat the marks from the root.

In this, the high-frequency waves cause frictional heat due to the exchange of ions, increase the body temperature and expand the arteries and capillaries to improve blood, nutrient and oxygen supply. It also boosts collagen, making the skin more resilient, tighter, and making that dimply skin disappear