Open Pore Treatment in Dwarka

Open Pores Treatment in Dwarka

Pores are hair follicle openings that serve as an escape route to perspiration and other bodily toxins. 

While they are super essential, they sometimes tend to become larger than usual, giving that uneven effect on the skin. The increase in size usually occurs when the skin is genetically oily or due to pollution, chronic obstruction or the natural ageing process. Larger pores can attract more dirt and grime which often lead to skin issues like acne. We at Skin Decor are trained in treating open pores and giving smoother and healthy skin to our clients at the most reasonable prices.

Treatment :


Medical Facials

Our Medical facials like fruit facial, oxy facial, etc. work double-time to fight blemishes, reduce pigmentation, boost collagen production and restore the glow that too without being harsh to your skin. The versatility, efficacy and safety of our medical facials make them the most approved facial treatments. 


Chemical Peels

At Skin Decor,  we have a variety of chemical peels to treat open pores. They work on the basic principle of exfoliation to bring about the desired results and are very effective for the treatment of pores. Different peels work at different layers of the skin and can be classified into superficial, medium and deep. The depth of the peel determines the degree of exfoliation. Different peels like glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and combination peels can be used here at Skin Decor depending on the concerns.


The Laser procedures at the Skin Decor does wonders for wrinkles, fine lines, open pores, uneven skin textures and redness. They are non-invasive, non-ablative laser procedures which cater to all skin types. The results are subtle, consistent and progressive giving you long-lasting dramatic results.