Hirsutism (Excessive Hair)

Hirsutism is a condition which occurs due to a hormonal imbalance which leads to an increase in the circulating androgens. This, in turn, leads to excessive hair growth in different parts of the body.
The excessive hair growth or hirsutism is usually seen in 9 different body areas Lip, chin, chest, upper and lower back, upper and lower abdomen, upper arm and thigh.

The grading is usually done by the modified Ferriman-Gallwey Scoring system. Each part is assigned from 0 (no hair) to 4(frank growth). A score of 8-15 is usually mild and greater than 15 requires medical intervention.


Medical Solutions

After assessing the hair growth, if we determine the need for special attention, then the patients are suggested medications depending on their concerns to help in hair removal treatments.

Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

Hair Reduction: To remove everyone’s worst fear about laser hair reduction being painful, we at Skin Decor are offering the world’s finest and safest technologies in motion for laser hair reduction. It is painless, comfortable and effective. In this, the hair follicles are targeted in the growth phase of the cycle for up to 8 sessions.