Say No to OILY FACE!

Updated: Sep 23

Having an oily face can make you look and feel greasy and unsightly all the time. Oily skin also makes you prone to getting more pimples. However, not to fret! There are some simple solutions and home care remedies that can tackle the oily skin!

  • Cleanliness: You should wash your face two to three times a day with a mild chemical exfoliant based face wash to tackle oiliness. Also, avoid washing too frequently as it can dry out your skin and increase oil production.

  • Moisturizing: Although it seems paradoxical, people with oily skin should definitely moisturize their face as excess oil could be the result of your body compensating for dry skin. Gel-based, light moisturizers should be your pick!

  • Coldwater: Coldwater is your friend when it comes to dealing with oily skin. Hot showers make your skin itchy and dry and can lead to worsening of your condition.