Best Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Updated: Apr 13

Gone are the days when visits to dermatologists were thought to be specific for women. These were not considered to be a man’s territory. Being worried about one’s looks or being possessive about one’s skin and hair was considered to be too ladylike. ;) :)

Now the times have changed and Thank God they have changed for the better. Pheww! In the last 10 -15 years, there has been a strong shift in the male attitude. More and more men are now interested in looking younger, and that is why these procedures are becoming more and more popular.

What Stats says??

In 2018 more than 1.3 million men went under the Knife (or needle!) which is precisely a 29% increase since 2000 and the digits are on a rise since then!

Now are the days when men are equally conscious about their appearance. They have started paying attention to the way they dress up, their hair, their looks, their body etc. It’s true that still, the visits of men to the dermatologists is not as much as of women, but still, more and more men are starting to consult experts for all sorts of skin and hair problems. Also, their expectations in achieving aesthetic goals differ widely from women. Stating an obvious fact here: Cosmetic procedures are not about one size fits all, and all men want the results to be more masculine and fit well with their existing structure.