Hair is your Crown, Take care of it!
Hair is your Crown, Take care of it!

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From Bald to Bold in no time
From Bald to Bold in no time

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Glowing Skin is Always in
Glowing Skin is Always in

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Hair is your Crown, Take care of it!
Hair is your Crown, Take care of it!

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Dr. Monica Chahar

Dr. Monica Chahar MBBS MD FIDP (Germany) (Dermatology) is a New Delhi based consultant dermatologist & skincare expert with a special interest in acne treatment and hair restoration. Her clinic, Skin Decor, is located at A-4, Sector 19, Dwarka, New Delhi.


Dr. Monica’s approach is caring and highly personalised. Her treatment protocols are evidence-based and scientifically proven. She combines the latest advancement in medical treatments along with state of the art technologies to achieve results. She specializes in giving customised skincare instructions and is passionate about helping you feel really good about your skin.


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About Skin Decor

Skin Decor is a Dermatology Aesthetic clinic and Medical spa located in Dwarka, New Delhi. It has been established by Dr. Monica Chahar MD with the vision to provide the best medically proven solutions to your skin and hair problems. The aim is to merge the current scientific knowledge in the field of Dermatology with state-of-the-art technology to provide fast and long-lasting results. Our services include hair loss treatment, laser hair removal, medicated facial & more.

At Skin Decor, you will find the best and most advanced treatment solutions as Dr. Monica Chahar and her well-qualified team have been striving to provide superb results with their finely curated treatments.


Our Latest Blog


Does turning 30 horrify you? Seeing a wrinkle or grey hair leaves you terrified? Yes, of course, it does! Signs of aging leaves us trembled to the core. We all know that it is an irreversible thing and this is going to happen with all living beings still losing it all makes us shattered. 

Aging makes our skin loose, dull, more porous, thinner and we get wrinkles, spots, and freckles. Though we can't completely stop aging surely we can delay it! So now let's see what are the factors which cause aging!




This world is full of unavoidable stressors! Meeting deadlines, being socially active, maintaining relationships, finding a good job, work overload and there are numerous things out in the world which give us stress. This natural physical and mental process can desolate one's life. Stress not only affects a person mentally but can also wreak havoc on our faces and bodies and causes aging. 

Hair loss treatment | Laser hair removal | Medicated facial


Rose R

Highly recommended!! If you’re looking for solutions to your skin and hair problems, look no further. Skin Decor clinic is the answer. Dr Monica is the best skin specialist i’ve come across so far.

* Results may vary person to person.


Khushi Garg

I had a satisfied appointment with her. I am feeling better than before . My swelling is on downward path. It's getting better now.

* Results may vary person to person.



Satish Kumar

Good management specifically Dr monika ma'am I went to skin decor I got good results in 1 session really to good 😊.

* Results may vary person to person.

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Komal Gautam

The services of Skin Decor are extremely good and effective. I must recommend an Insta glow facial for the wedding season!

* Results may vary person to person.

Real Results


* Results may vary person to person.